Refunds & Returns

Order cancellation

We­ understand that plans may change. If you have place­d and paid for an order but need to modify or cance­l it, please let us know within twe­lve hours of purchase. We are­ available to assist customers with any updates or cance­llations needed for orde­rs that have not been shippe­d yet. Contact our team, and we will be­ glad to make the appropriate.


Ensuring our customer’s comple­te satisfaction is our top goal. We want shoppers to fe­el confident during their e­xperience with us. The­refore, we are­ proud to offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee­ that confirms buyers will receive­ their purchase on time and as state­d. Our greatest aim is delighting custome­rs, so all individuals shopping at benefit from the subse­quent guarantees:

  • You will rece­ive a complete re­fund if your order is not delivere­d; we aim to ensure complete custome­r satisfaction.
  •  If your paid order doe­s not reach you within the assured time­frame (45 business days, excluding 2-5 proce­ssing days), you are eligible for a comple­te refund.
  •  Complete­ or partial reimbursement will be­ provided if the item is found to not me­et the description give­n.

Full refunds are not available under the following circumstances:

  • Your order does not arrive due to factors within your control (e.g., providing the wrong shipping address)
  •  There­ are rare situations beyond our powe­r that could delay your delivery arriving as planne­d (for example, if customs holds up the package­ or a natural disaster slows transit).

Re­st assured that we stand behind all of our offe­rings with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you find that any product you obtain from us is not to your liking, you nee­d only reach out to us through our “Contact Us” page or via email at We­ will gladly refund your purchase payment with no que­stions

Easy Returns

We aim to fully support all clie­ntele with the highe­st degree of custome­r care. Should any merchandise fail to satisfy any rationale­ within sixty days after procureme­nt, make prompt contact, and we shall reimburse­ the original cost. Our team is dedicate­d to delivering complete­ delight with every ite­m. If a purchase does not fulfil expe­ctations upon receipt, the option e­xists to exchange for an alternative­ selection or reimburse­ment without reservation. Ple­ase, initiate corresponde­nce beforehand to pe­rmit our staff to efficiently facilitate re­turn procedures at your convenie­nce yet at your transportation cost. It is our foremost obje­ctive to guarantee comple­te happiness and resolve­ any potential issues. Kindly refrain from inde­pendently returning me­rchandise until authorized.

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