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Your child will look so classy with his personalized pacifier.

The pacifier and the drawings are in color. Text or first name written with the color and font you want (vignette 2).

Please tell us the color and font you want in the comments when ordering.

If color or font not specified, the first name/text will be written by default in the same color/font as on the chosen pacifier model.

Very resistant pacifier respecting the European standard EN1400, it meets all the requirements concerning its quality and solidity. All pacifiers are tested in independent laboratories.

Pacifier without any toxic materials (bisphenol-free, plasticizer-free, PVC-free).

Pacifier equipped with a safety valve, even if baby pulls hard on it, the pacifier immediately returns to its original shape and does not move.

Equipped with two ventilation holes on the front for the comfort and safety of the child.

This pacifier also adapts perfectly to your child’s mouth.

* SHAPE: physiological, anatomical or oval shape of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: The plastic shape changes when you want a cherry (oval) or an anatomical pacifier, the edges of the pacifier are more rounded (oval). Please take this into account when ordering. (see image 10).

* PERSONALIZATION OF THE CHILD’S FIRST NAME: Don’t forget to enter it in the personalization section before confirming your order.

* PACIFIER ENGRAVING: Engraving by UV laser printing (the most hygienic way for childcare products). This process ensures the durability of the engraving wash after wash and supports sterilization without degradation.

* MAINTENANCE: Don’t forget to wash it before using it / Sterilization or washing with soapy water.

* SIZE: 0-6 months / 6-36 months.

* CHILD SAFETY: Always check the condition of the pacifier before giving it to the child.

* DELIVERY TIME: 3 to 5 working days.

Other models available with designs and colors on our store in the “personalized pacifiers” category

Number of the teat chosen and its size

Pacifier 1 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 1 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 2 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 2 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 3 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 3 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 4 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 4 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 5 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 5 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 6 /0-6 months, Pacifier 6 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 7 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 7 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 8 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 8 / 6-36 months, Pacifier 9 / 0-6 months, Pacifier 9 / 6-36 months

Tip (shape) of the teat

Physiological, Oval (cherry), Anatomical


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