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Our Montessori Mirror and Stand Combo is a high-quality Montessori staple for any growing baby. Designed in the United States by certified Montessori experts, the Montessori Mirror and Stand Combo is developed with deep research to foster your baby’s growing development.

Here’s what’s included and why it’s important for the baby’s development:

1. The Mirror: Mirrors are a staple to a Montessori baby environment and play a pivotal role in the developmental journey of growing babies. Mirrors act as catalysts, inspiring babies to engage in various motor activities such as reaching, scooting, rolling, sitting up, crawling, and standing. Mirrors are support their social development and contribute to attention span as babies explore and connect with their own-selves and others around them. As your baby grows into a toddler, use the Mirror for self care activities at home.

2. High Contrast Black and White Card Set: Your baby’s vision is blurry when they arrive and each day they are working on growing those important muscles. Our High Contrast cards help with this. In the early months, babies are riveted by high-contrast images, making this set an engaging addition.

3. The Stand is made with FSC wood and secures all those important cards your baby will use during tummy time. Also when they get older, you can use it for art projects and so much more!

Important sustainable materials:

Mirror: 100% baby safe acrylic
Stand: FSC recycled wood and CE standards
Black and White Card Sets: Baby safe soy ink and paper

Important note 📝 ⭐️ Once product arrives, please remove protective sticker on mirror before using.


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