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Personalized Baby Girl and Boy Gift and Wooden Handmade Name Puzzle Toy [TSCA Certificate and Greenguard Certified Dyes]

★A Great Educational Toy, Super Cute Gift Option
By taking Puzzle, one of the oldest known educational and entertaining games, to a different dimension with its incredibly beautiful, tried-and-tested colors and shapes, we have created puzzles that will be a perfect educational-busy board toy, a super sweet gift, and a perfect decoration and keepsake.

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★Gift Wrapping, Additional Options and Customization
· Completely decorated with gold leaf and finished with premium navy blue, Zuzu’s gift package can be used for many years with its special zippered system.
After selecting “this order is a gift” option on the cart screen to purchase, you will see the “add gift wrappig” option.
·You can add the stand and engraving message (on back of the puzzle) to make it special.

★Dimensions and Pieces
· Puzzle with 4 Animals : 42x20cm (16,5×8,00 inches)
· Puzzle with 8 Animals : 42×27,5cm (16,5×10,82 inches)
· Standard Letter Size: 6,5 cm (2.55 inches)
· Average Animal Size : 6-8 cm (2,36 – 3,14 inches)

Unless there is a situation caused by you, such as typing the delivery address incorrectly, in all other conditions, all errors and damages are completely under our 100% guarantee.

· We pack the puzzles very well to avoid any damage to the product during the shipping phase. However, If there is damage in the shipping process or an mistake for any reason, we will definitely send a new puzzle as fast as possible without extra charge or make refund the full price.

★Thoughtfully Made
As an original American brand, our puzzles, which are handcrafted from the most natural woods in our special workshop in TX and Anatolia, are eco-friendly, unique, high quality and fully customizable. It is light, durable and robust. Our carefully prepared personalized puzzle boards and shapes are very smooth. As a result of our trials and research in Europe and America, we have combined the best experiences, bringing together the most exciting shapes and the most popular color variations.
·Patented Personalized Puzzle: With over 100 experiments behind each color selection, our patented puzzles are carefully curated to engage and delight both children and parents.
·Educational Toy: Enhances motor skills, coordination, and focus Promotes problem-solving, self-confidence, and happiness Introduces shapes, names, and spelling Encourages exploration and curiosity
·Safety First: Greenguard-certified, non toxic dyes. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces.
·Handmade & Made-to-Order: Crafted with love, each order is handmade and tailored to your specifications, creating a truly unique and personalized keepsake for your child.
·Zuzu Puzzle Licensed Custom Font and Pieces, Special Matched Color Variations

★ Extra Fast Shipping
If you want extra fast shipping, you can buy from the link below.

When extra fast shipping is purchased, the construction of the puzzle is put first. It is delivered to the shipping company quickly. Normally, the production + delivery time is 7-10 days, but it is delivered within 4 days. However, although we pay this fast shipping fee to the shipping company, there may be a delay due to the shipping company (Fedex&DHL&UPS).

· We have production centers in both Texas and Turkey. We deliver our EU orders from Turkey and our US and Canadian orders from our warehouse in TX. We can also send US orders from Turkey during peak order periods such as Christmas. But don’t worry about it at all because it doesn’t affect order delivery times in any way. Our delivery time is the same for both our products from Texas and from Turkey. It is exactly the same process from the materials we use for the products to the regulations. Thank you for your understanding.

★Safe Usage Instructions and Fragrance
· Try not to leave children under 0-36 months alone with puzzles. Thin and long items such as the letter “I” (if you have them in your puzzle) can be dangerous for children. They may try to swallow.
· Our puzzles may have a wood burning smell when they first reach you. This scent usually lasts up to 1 week. It does not have any harmful or allergenic properties.
· When you receive your puzzle, it is recommended to gently wipe the side black parts of the board and the side black parts of the pieces with a very slightly damp cloth or squeezing a little cologne (without wetting the cloth too much). Please do not wipe the upper parts (painted parts) of the parts.
!!! Important Note: Our puzzles do not have any of the allergenic fragrances specified in the European Union Toy Safety Directive and Legislation.
· The wood we use in our puzzles does not have the risk of becoming bedridden like birch plywood.
· A very small amount of natural glue is used for gluing the puzzle board plates (special Israeli glue with the lowest chemical properties). Since it is used between the bottom and top plate (in only puzzle’s board), there is no possibility for the child to come into contact with it. It has no connection with the outside of the puzzle in any way.

Copyright © 2022 by Zuzu Puzzle. All rights reserved. This patented puzzle product and registered product’s image or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Zuzu Puzzle. Duplication of intellectual property is illegal and all infringements are subject to fines and penalties. Failure to comply will result in legal action. (This statement is for the many shops out there who copy directly from our products and products’ images).

How Many Letters?

1 Letter, 2-3 Letters, 4-5 Letters, 6-7 Letters, 8-9 Letters, 10-15 Letters

Engraved Message | Stand

With 4 Animals, 4Animals+Engraving, 4Animals+Stand, 4Animal+Engr.+Stand, With 8 Animals, 8Animals+Engraving, 8Animals+Stand, 8Animal+Engr.+Stand


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